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September 2023 Updates
September 2023 Updates

Drag and drop, Run now, Name runs, Regex, XLSB and Airtable

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Introducing True Drag and Drop Functionality

Now you can effortlessly move tools from the tool menu to your Savant canvas. Customize your analysis with ease by placing tools exactly where you need them.

Run Analyses Right from the Workspace

We've streamlined your workflow. You can now run any analysis directly from your workspace's home screen. Just head over to the "Analyses" section and click the caret icon on the right to select 'Run Now.'

Enhanced Organization with Rename for Historical Analyses

Keeping your historical runs organized is now a breeze. In Test Runs and Bot Runs, you have the ability to rename historical runs, facilitating better categorization and organization of your audit trails and historical data.

Introducing the REGEX_EXTRACT() Function

Say hello to the REGEX_EXTRACT() function. It empowers you to extract specific text from a given text string using regular expression patterns. This versatile tool is perfect for text parsing and data extraction based on complex patterns. Here's a quick example:


Original Text

REGEX_EXTRACT(Original Text, "[A-Z]+\d+", 1)


Product ID: ABC123, Price: $45.99



Order: ORD98765, Date: 2023-09-15



Phone: (555) 555-5555, Email: [email protected]


Support for XLSB Files

We're expanding our compatibility! Savant now supports macro-enabled Excel workbooks (XLSB files).

Introducing the New Box Connector

We're excited to introduce our new Box connector, providing seamless integration with your cloud-native file system.

Airtable Connector Upgrades with Personal Access Token

Attention Airtable users! Our enhanced Airtable connector now supports Airtable's new personal access token. To ensure uninterrupted service, make sure to re-authenticate your Airtable systems with the personal access token, as Airtable's API tokens are being decommissioned.

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