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March 2023 Updates
March 2023 Updates

Stitch files, Adapter tool, In-DB SQL, dbt orchestration, Faster JSON, Slack quick nav and Microsoft Exchange

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Stitch Multiple Files Together, Instantly

Tired of having to manually combine data tab? Our bots are eager to help!

Now you can create a single dataset from multiple file by simply selecting Multiple files. You can even add File Pattern rules to stitch together specific sets of tabs.

Introducing the Adapter tool

Want to set data schema check points for your data flows? Now users can set required field and data types for their analyses with the Adapter tool!

In-DB Push-Down SQL

Want to run complex data queries in your database and pull them into Savant? Yeah, we can do that.

When creating datasets from the data warehouse or SQL servers, you can now provide SQL queries to extract only the relevant data for your analysis. Savant will run the queries in your database and load the live results into your analysis.

It's fast, efficient and agile. Process large tables in your quickly in your database and eliminate unnecessary large data transfers between your platform and Savant.

Trigger dbt for Orchestration Nirvana

Savant now integrates with dbt. You can now trigger dbt jobs to profile the data and ensure the data quality for the Savant tables in Snowflake. Simply choose one or more models when configuring your snowflake destination and hit apply.

How Fast Can You JSON?

JSON processing just got a huge boost. Savant parallel processes large JSON files, resulting in 10x faster processing. Process unstructured data with max speed.

Quick Nav for Your Slack Channels

Scrolling through a long list of slack channels to find the one you want to use can be frustrating, especially if your organization has 100s of them. So, we made it simple!

Now you can copy a channel id from Slack and paste it directly into Savant when When configuring the data delivery Slack channel for your bot.

Microsoft Exchange Connector

Extracts the last 90 days of emails from your inbox and incrementally processes new emails automatically when your bots run. And, Presents extracted emails in relational format to automate data prep, data blend, and analytics.

Use this connector to automate email engagement analytics for your sales, customer success, and support teams.

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