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October 2023 Updates
October 2023 Updates

Pretty PDFs, Copilot upgrade, Case-insensitive dedupe, Tons of functions and Gmail connector

Updated over a week ago

Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Dazzle with Beautiful Reports

Crafting insightful reports and want them to look just as bright? Time to make your brilliance shine with Savant’s pretty report feature.

Now you can hand-craft beautiful, professional looking Excel and PDF reports in Savant and share them via email, Slack and MS Teams. All with zero learning curve.

Unlike other analytics tools, BI and reporting platforms, Savant frees you to design elegant, eye-catching reports in your favorite spreadsheet tool. Simply create your perfect report in Excel or Google Sheets and upload it as a template into a Savant. Then use the Email, Slack or MS Teams destination connector to populate it with the latest data and send it out as a beautiful Excel or PDF – on any schedule.

Format eye-catching tables and include graphics, images and more. Go from basic to beautiful, and make sure your business stakeholders never miss another update.

It's Learning

We're super excited to announce that we've upgraded our copilot to use the latest from OpenAI.

Now, when you're giving instructions to the Savant copilot on what to build, you'll be using a special, Savant secret sauce, fine-tuned LLM-model, built on ChatGPT 3.5.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

DedUpE wiThOUt thE ooPs

Trying to dedupe messy text data? Maybe you've got some form fill data with capitalization differences? Or perhaps you need to merge contacts with case differences?

That's why we've upgraded our Dedupe tool to be case insensitive. Now you can dedupe 'Savant' and 'savant' into a single 'Savant' record.

Native Sort Option for Window Functions

Trying to use LAG(), LEAD(), FIRST() or LAST() with the native, pre-existing sort order of your data? Then it can really be a pain to build a dummy row number field to use in your Sort parameter.

Well good news, we've got another easy button for you! Now you can skip the Sort parameter and Savant will know to use your native sort.

Enjoy the time back.

World's Greatest Functions

Just like you can take the MAX() and MIN() values of a field, now you can also take the GREATEST() and LEAST() values of fields across the same row.

Maybe you have multiple date fields and you want to find the earliest date. No problem! Just drop those fields into the LEAST() function and get instant results.

More Ways to Add to Dates

Introducing the DATE_ADD() function to make it easier to shift date fields forward and back.

It gives you the same functionality as INTERVAL, but in a function friendly format.

Round the Clock Upgrades

We've made several enhancements to our rounding functions, because you're worth it.

  1. ROUND() now supports an optional decimal parameter. If you want to round to the nearest hundredth, then just enter 2. And if you like big round integers, then you can skip the decimals parameter, just like before.

  2. ROUNDUP() makes it easy as pi to up to the nearest whole number.

  3. ROUNDDOWN(), well, you get the point.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades. Happy rounding!

New Gmail Connector

File:Gmail2020.logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

Want to do Gmail analytics? Maybe you want to build an unsubscribe report for all your spam? Track your newsletters? Or study your competitors email campaigns?

Then check out our new source connector for Gmail.

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