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December 2022 Updates
December 2022 Updates

Google Sheets write anywhere, Data lineage, Time zones, New functions and Stripe connector

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Write Anywhere to Google Sheets

Have a beautiful, multi-part report in Google Sheets? Have a table that doesn't start on A1? Sure thing!

Savant can now write data to tables starting in any cell in Google Sheets. Simply input the top-left cell of your table in your Savant Google Sheet destinations and the bots will do the rest.

1-Click Data Source Lineage

Need to know more about where a Savant data source comes from? Of course you do.

Now you can get all the details you need in 1-click. Simple click the info shield next to the dataset name in the config panel. Get all the dataset information in one concise view. For cloud sources like Google Sheets, we'll even give you the direct link.

Schedule in Any Time Zone

Scheduling a bot for someone in a different time zone? Maybe your business stakeholder is on the other side of the globe.

Stop trying to calculate their local time from your time zone. Simply input the schedule in their time zone.

New Window Functions for Lead and Lag

Need to get the value above or below your current row? Then Lead() and Lag() are for you.

To get the preceding or trailing value, simply choose LAG or LEAD, respectively, in the Transform builder. Transform will then grab the preceding or trailing value of each row in a new field.

Lag and Lead will use the natural order of your data, but you can also specify an order. Just enter sorting info and Transform will sort the data when deciding which value to grab for your Lead and Lag.

New Log and Power Functions

Who doesn't like more analytics power? Well, now you can literally raise numbers to a particular power with Power().

And because balance is good, we've given you a Log() function to go the other way.

Stripe Connector

File:Stripe Logo, revised 2016.svg - Wikipedia

Use this connector to pull your customers' accounts, Invoices, Invoice Line Items, Customers, Refunds, Customer Discounts, and Coupons.

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