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December 2023 Updates
December 2023 Updates

Blobs, Avatars, Logos, Run History and Time differences

Updated over a week ago

Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Blobs Ain't No Prob

Got messy unstructured text data? How about XML files? Maybe JSON? Not a problem.

With our new support for Blob files, you can upload your semi-structured and unstructured data into Savant with two clicks.

Then use our XML, JSON, Split, Dedupe and Transform tools to quickly create structure from the chaos.

Messy data has never been easier. Time to get analyzing!

Stay in Style with Avatars

Time to shine. Now you can add a splash of personalization to Savant. Upload a profile avatar and let your teammates see you and your analyses more clearly.

Simply open your user badge and upload an avatar!

Go Loco with Your Logo

Now you can add your company logo to your org. Go to your admin page and upload your logo, and enjoy the view.

Run History Breadcrumb

Need to quickly parachute in and out of your run history? Jumping around runs quickly?

Then you'll love our new quick nav for the run history. Now in just 1-click you can jump between runs and the run history.

Time Differences in DATE_DIFF()

Doing time series analysis? Need to sweat the small stuff? Then this one is for you.

Now you can quickly calculate Hour, Minute, Second, Millisecond differences in the DATE_DIFF() function.

Time series on!

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