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Facebook Ads Connector Setup
Facebook Ads Connector Setup
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Welcome to the Facebook Ads Connector Setup guide!

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Authenticating Facebook Ads in Savant

  • Connecting Data from Facebook Ads

  • Publishing Data to Facebook Ads

Authenticating Facebook Ads in Savant

What You'll Need

  • Facebook Ads Account ID

  • System User Access Token

Facebook Ads Account Setup

Before you begin the authentication process in Savant, you must first ensure your Facebook Ads account has the proper setup. Visit Ad Account Setup inside Ads Manager to set the following permissions:

  • ads_read permission to sync Ad reports information for Ad accounts that you own or Ad accounts that you have been granted access to through this permission.

  • ads_management permission to sync Ads accounts' metadata. This permission is also used to request Ad accounts' id and account_timezone fields. The account_timezone field is required to save the correct report date in the destination.

Access Facebook Ads Account ID

In order to find your Facebook Ads Account ID, visit Ad Account Setup inside Ads Manager. Copy this Account ID and save it for later use in the authentication process.

Create System User Access Token

The Facebook Ads System User Access token is used as an API Key for authentication purposes. Follow the steps given below to create a System User and generate a System User access token.

  1. Log into your Facebook Account so that you can log in directly to Meta for Developers section.

  2. Now, in the setting go to Business Setting.

  3. Go to Account > Apps.

    1. Select Create a new app id, if no existing app to use.

    2. For Type choose β€œBusiness”.

    3. Give it an App name, App contact email, link it to the Business Account having the Ads accounts.

    4. Click on Create app button, if asked please enter the Facebook Account Password to confirm App creation.

  4. Initially select the Business Account and then navigate to Users > System Users. (Note: You must have Business Manager access to create the System User.)

  5. Then click on Add button to add a System User.

  6. Enter the System Username and System User Role (i.e. Employee or Admin) then click on Create System User button.

  7. Now in the right-side section click on Add Assets like Apps, Ad Accounts, Catalogues, etc. to your created System User.

  8. After adding assets click on Generate New Token button.

  9. Then select the app and select the necessary permissions (ads_read, ads_management) and click on Generate Token to generate the System User access token.

  10. A pop-up window will show up with your generated System User access token. Copy and Save this generated access token. (Note: The System User Access token is a long-term usable access token.)

Add a New System in Savant

Now that you've set your Facebook Ads permissions, copied your Account ID, and created your system user access token, it is time to create a new system in Savant.

In Savant, click on "Data" in the top menu, and toggle to the "Systems" option in the upper left of the page. Click the "New System" button.

This will take you to a page with a list of all available connected systems in Savant. Scroll or search among the selections for Facebook Ads and select the icon, then click "Next".

Authenticate & Confirm

On the next page, paste your Facebook Ads Account ID and System User Access Token in the corresponding fields, then click "Authenticate".

Configure Dataset

Next, you must configure your dataset by selecting Schema and Object from the drop-down menus, and checking the boxes of all relevant fields. Click "Next" once complete.

Name & Description

Lastly, rename your system and include an optional description. Once finished, click "Confirm".

Your new Facebook Ads system is now authenticated in Savant!

Connecting Data from Facebook Ads

If you are working within an analysis, on the top left side of your canvas, click the Add Dataset button shown below, and select your Facebook Ads connection.

If you are not currently within an analysis, you can add your connection by navigating to Data and selecting New Dataset. Select your authenticated Facebook Ads system from the list of available options and click Next.

In the Configure Dataset section, you will see drop-down menus for Schema and Object. Select the desired options, along with checking the boxes for the appropriate fields.

Lastly, give a name and description to your new dataset and click Confirm.

Your Facebook Ads system is now added as a dataset within your analysis!

Publishing Data to Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is not writeable as a destination in Savant.

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