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International Currencies and Tax Calculations
International Currencies and Tax Calculations

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🌟 Introduction

Global finance teams must be capable of analyzing data from various sources, including both modern and older systems. This data often comes in the form of complicated spreadsheets or from disparate systems and needs to be converted into a standard reporting format, which may involve converting local currencies to a common currency for tax purposes.

💼 Business Impact

Savant’s versatile solution can revolutionize financial analysts' approaches to complex challenges by providing a streamlined, visual workflow that enhances operational efficiency and saves valuable time. Savant empowers analysts to excel in their daily tasks, fostering a deeper understanding of financial calculations and equipping them with valuable skills in automation and data manipulation. Savant also improves data accuracy, leading to more reliable financial insights and better decision-making. Additionally, it enables analysts to adapt to industry trends and technological advancements, positioning them as valuable assets in the ever-changing global finance landscape.

📥 Data In

To harness the full potential of Savant’s International currencies and tax calculation solution, you'll need:

  • Financial earnings and profit data (often from multiple sheets).

  • Intra-company data (varying systems and formats).

  • Currency exchange rates, that are ever-changing.

  • Tax data (often from multiple sources).

📤 Data Out

Using this template, you can expect:

  • A seamless blend of profit & earnings data coupled with taxes incurred.

  • Transparent calculations that are easy to customize.

  • Automated data extraction.

  • Pivoted data allowing for customized data views.

  • Aggregated views based on filing entities.

📊 Metrics

  • Exportable entity currency reports (done for USD)

  • Periodic Reporting automated daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly

  • Data Key Validity Checks

Realize the power of automation with Savant’s analytic solution for International Currencies and Tax Calculations. Your financial future just got automated!

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