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Download US Census Data into a Database
Download US Census Data into a Database

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🌟 Introduction

This template provides a solution to automate the synchronization of US Census data to a database, eliminating the need for manual and cumbersome refreshes. By following the steps outlined in this document, you can ensure that your US Census data is always up to date and readily available for analysis.

💼 Business Impact

  1. Facilitates marketing teams in conducting penetration analyses and demographic research, enabling them to gain valuable insights into target markets and customer segments.

  2. Assists sales teams in territory planning, offering them a structured approach to strategically allocate resources, identify potential opportunities, and optimize sales coverage within specific regions or territories.

📥 Data In

  • Example: Example: American Community Survey, Detailed Table B11001, Households by Type

Before setting up the template, make sure you have the API link from the US Census. This link will be used in the template configuration to fetch the desired data. It's important to note that the data connection should be set to Serialized Array instead of JSON for proper integration.

📤 Data Out

The template facilitates the following insights:

  • How many households are located in each ZIP code, county, and state?

  • Provides the denominator for calculating market penetration by comparing customers to household counts.

📊 Metrics

The template delivers the following metrics:

  • Number of households by ZIP code, county, and state.

  • Number of households by type by geography.

📝 Template Setup

To set up the template, follow these key selections:

Step 1: Data Input

Additional Prerequisites

API Link from the US Census: Access here. Make sure to select the Serialized Array in the data connection, not JSON.

To modify the Census data, you can change the Table Group in the URL. For example, replace "B11001" with another table name like "B01001".

The provided link is an example for the American Community Survey 5-year data. You can find additional tables at the US Census Available APIs page.*

To establish a connection with the Savant Public Dataset for US Postal Codes, refer to this link. The dataset is based on the 2020 ZCTA to County Relationship files.

For additional information on US Census Tables, access the Savant Public Dataset ACS 5-year 2021 Variables. You can find more details about US Census Tables here.

Step 2: Destination

Finally, we recommend configuring your output to a Google Sheets file and connecting to this prebuilt Data Looker Studio Report.

👉 Note: To make a copy of the Looker Studio Report, simply click on the three dots (located at the uppermost portion) adjacent to the Share button. Then, choose the “Make a Copy” option.

🌠 Further Customizations

This template provides options for further customization based on your specific requirements. Feel free to explore additional modifications to tailor the output according to your needs.

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