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Finance KPI Analysis

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🌟 Introduction

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are heavily used by finance teams to guide the business towards its goals. Yet, the task of calculating and analyzing these KPIs can be intricate, given the variety of data sources and metrics involved. Savant’s analytic solution template for Finance KPI Analysis offers a comprehensive tool designed to simplify, consolidate, and automate your consumption of key metrics.

💼 Business Impact

Savant’s Finance KPI Analysis solution template is indispensable for businesses aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their financial performance. By seamlessly integrating multiple data sources and providing a holistic view of your KPIs, Savant’s self-service analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize financial strategies.

📥 Data In

To unlock the full capabilities of our Finance KPI Analysis solution, you'll require:

  • Sources of monthly transactions data

  • Known finance account lists (from the General Ledger, or Sub-ledgers)

  • Collected/localized departmental transactions files for reconciliation

📤 Data Out

With our solution template, you can deliver:

  • Transaction matching back to reference GL accounts

  • Exception reports highlighting discrepancies in data between departmental and corporate sources

  • Formatted metrics rolled up by Business Group, Unit, and Reporting Period

  • Customizable filters for data across specific reporting periods, like YTD

  • Reshaped data for analyzing unit expenses across multiple years

  • Calculated YoY changes, available in detailed or aggregated formats for trend analysis.

📊 Metrics

  • Unit Expenses

  • Transaction Volumes

  • High-Level Trend Analysis by Business Unit and Group.

Elevate your insights and drive your business forward with consistent metrics using Savant’s analytic solution template for Finance KPI Analysis.

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