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Cashflow Forecasting

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🌟 Introduction

Cashflow forecasting is the backbone of financial stability for businesses. Yet, the intricate process of blending multiple data sources for accurate forecasting can be daunting and time-consuming. Introducing Savant’s solution template for Cashflow Forecasting - designed to simplify, enrich, and streamline your financial data preparation.

💼 Business Impact

Savant’s Cashflow Forecasting solution is a game-changer for businesses that juggle multiple financial data sources. Whether you're a multinational corporation or a growing startup, our solution ensures that your invoice and expense data is ready for in-depth analysis. Get the data in the shape you need to explore financial trends, anticipate change, and confidently make informed decisions.

📥 Data In

To harness the full potential of Savant’s Cashflow Forecasting solution, you'll need:

  • Financial income data files (often from invoices)

  • Payments and Expenses data, ideally with expense reference data for enrichment

Any other relevant financial datasets you wish to incorporate.

📤 Data Out

Using this template, you can expect:

  • A seamless blend of income and expenses for end-to-end analysis

  • Transparent calculations that are easy to customize

  • Automated filtering of invalid records

  • Pivoted data by reporting period for easy cashflow statement exports

  • Transformed data ready for cashflow forecasting, be it on the entire dataset, aggregated monthly or yearly, or specific to cashflow revenue streams.

📊 Metrics

  • Exportable Cashflow Statements

  • Periodic Reporting & Trend Analysis (Monthly/Yearly) for specific revenue streams

  • Data Key Validity Checks

Harness the power of precision and foresight with Savant’s analytic solution for Cashflow Forecasting. Your financial future just got clearer!

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