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Send Report from Database

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🌟 Introduction

A fast way to send any spreadsheet as an email report to your stakeholders on a repeat schedule. Stop spending time sharing your reports and let our automation bots do it for you!

💼 Business Impact

  • Includes convenient data cleaning examples, like timezone shifts and web domain extraction, in case you want to customize your report before sending.

  • Enables quick sending of reports from database tables via email to any and all stakeholders.

  • An invaluable asset for businesses looking to save time and streamline their data management processes.

📥 Data In

  • Source: Database

  • Sample: Leads

📤 Data Out

  • Any spreadsheet-based report

🔔 Alerts

  • Email

📝 Template Setup

Next, you'll need to make several key selections:

Step 1: Data Input

  1. Replace the Data Source with the desired database.

Step 2: Destination

Update the email node by entering the appropriate email address.

🌠 Further Customizations

For further customization, consider incorporating a Summarize or Time Series Node. These additions enable the creation of counts for each category, providing insightful metrics. For instance, you can generate the number of IDs by category or the number of IDs categorized over specific time periods.

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