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Update Database with Spreadsheet Input
Update Database with Spreadsheet Input

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🌟 Introduction

The template is designed to be applied to various types of data in a database, including monthly expenditures (actuals). Although the template uses a sample product marketing budget as an example, it can be adapted to suit different scenarios.

💼 Business Impact

This solution provides teams with a simplified and streamlined method for automating the replication of offline data to a database. By automating this process, teams can save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry or transfer.

📥 Data In

  • Source: Googlesheet, CSV, Excel

  • Sample: Monthly Product Marketing Budget

📤 Data Out

  • Questions:

    • What are the quarterly amounts for my annual budget?

📊 Metrics

  • The template provides insights in the form of calendar quarterly budget amounts.

📝 Template Setup

Next, you'll need to make several key selections:

Step 1: Data Input

  1. 📥 Replace with Monthly Data Source

Step 2: Configuration

⚙️ 1: Group into fiscal quarters - Users can modify the calculations in the Transform Node to align with their fiscal calendar if it differs from the default calendar quarters.

Step 3: Destination

Our suggestion: Configure your output to a Google Sheets file or a database.

🌠 Further Customizations

Users can further customize the template according to their specific requirements and preferences. Additional modifications and adjustments can be made based on the unique characteristics of the data and the desired outcomes.

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