How to - Functions and Expressions

Learn where and how to use functions and expressions in Savant

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Creating a Calculated Column

Custom columns are created in the Transform tool using Savant's functions, expressions, and operators. Click +Column to create a new calculated column in the configuration window.

Field name

  • Give a distinctive name to the new calculated column.


  • Choose the "Expression" radio button to write a formula within the Expression editor.

Savant Copilot

  • Utilize natural language in Savant Copilot for guidance in crafting functions and tackling complex analytical queries.

Expression Editor

  • Enter your formulas in the text window here.

  • Enclose column references within backticks (``) for clarity.

  • Columns will be highlighted in red.

  • Functions will display in black.

  • Variables will be highlighted in green.

  • String values within quotation marks will show up in burgundy.

Functions Guide

  • Browse through the available functions to enhance your expressions.

Data Type

  • By default, Savant assigns a data type based on your expression’s logic.

  • To override the automatic type, use the dropdown menu to select the desired data type for the new calculated column.

Other Places for Functions and Expressions

Users can also find an expression editor in tools such as the Filter Tool and Summarize Tool. The same syntax applies to expression editors found throughout Savant.

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