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SFTP/FTP Connector Setup
SFTP/FTP Connector Setup
Updated over a week ago

This article explains how to setup a FTP connection using Savant.

  1. Navigate to the Systems page and click Add System

  2. Select the FTP/SFTP connector and click Next

  3. If you are setting up a SFTP connection, enter:

    1. Server

    2. Username

    3. Use of the following (Password, Savant Public Key, Private Key

  1. If you are setting up a FTP connection, enter:

    1. Server

    2. Port

    3. Username

    4. Password

    5. Configure TLS/SSL if needed

Give your connection a name and description, and then click Confirm

You can now access data files from and publish data files to this FTP from Savant!

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