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MariaDB Connector Setup
MariaDB Connector Setup
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the MariaDB Connector Setup guide!

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Authenticating MariaDB in Savant

Authenticating MariaDB in Savant


Savant accesses your MariaDB database from two IP addresses:



If your network is configured to only allow access from certain IPs, include these in your whitelist.

MariaDB Setup

To connect as a limited user, using the following step to create an user for Savant:

  1. Connect to the database using a SQL client tool

  2. Create a user

  3. Create a {Password} and execute the following SQL commands:

SET PASSWORD FOR savant = PASSWORD ('{Password}');
  1. Grant the Savant user privileges to access all tables.

  2. Replace “dbName” with your database and execute the following SQL commands:

For READ only (data source only):

GRANT SELECT ON dbName.* TO 'savant'@'%';

For READ/WRITE (data source and destination):

GRANT ALL  ON dbName.* TO 'savant'@'%'

If you have SSL enabled (SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have_ssl';) and want to enforce, add “REQUIRE SSL” to the end of GRANT statement.

Getting Started in Savant

Once you’ve completed the steps above, follow these steps in Savant:

  1. Go to the Systems page and click Add System

  2. Select the MariaDB connector and click Next

  3. Enter your system information and credentials

  4. Click Use SSL if required

  5. Click Authenticate and then Confirm

You can now create MariaDB datasets in Savant!

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