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Uploading Structured Files (XLSX)
Uploading Structured Files (XLSX)

How to upload and configure structured flat files, .XLSX files, as datasets.

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Uploading Structured Files (XLSX)

1. Navigate to the Datasets view within Savant.

2. Click on the Upload button.

3. A gray box will appear. You have two options to upload your XLSX file:

  • Click on the box to open your file browser and select the desired XLSX file.

  • Alternatively, drag and drop the XLSX file directly from your local machine.

4. Once the file has uploaded, click Next to proceed to the configuration.


Single Tab or Multiple Tabs

Choose between a single tab or multiple tabs Excel file.

Single Tab


Select the tab you want to import.

Multiple Tab

Tab Pattern

Provide the pattern of the tab names that you are interested in uploading into the new Dataset.


Use wildcards as place holders for different values and variables in tab names.

The following wildcards are available to you in Savant

  • Asterisk (*) - used as a placeholder for one or more characters

  • Question mark (?) - used as a placeholder for a single character


⚠️ Caution: When working with multiple tabs to create a dataset, it's crucial to maintain a consistent schema across all the tabs. Any deviation in the schema among the tabs will result in an error message, as illustrated below.

Skip Rows

Specify the number of rows to skip (if applicable).


You have the option to enable the "Headerless" configuration. This is useful when your XLSX data doesn't have column headers. Enabling this will rename columns as "Column_1", “Column_2”, “Column_3”, “Column_x”, etc. where x is the column number.

Preview and Column Management:

  • Preview the first hundred rows of your data.

  • Navigate through the columns table at the bottom left corner to select/deselect columns, change data types, and see data fill percentages.

Enable "File Row Number" to append row numbers to your data set.

Naming and Confirming

Provide a name and description for your file, then click Confirm.

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