Creating Datatasets

Create and manage datasets from authenticated systems in Savant.

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Steps to Create a Dataset

1. Click on "New Dataset"

To start from a connected system, simply click on "New Dataset."

2. Four Essential Steps

Follow these four steps to successfully create a new dataset:

a. Connect

Select the system from which you want to create a dataset. If the desired system is not visible, navigate to the "Create a System" in the left-hand panel.

b. Authenticate

If the system is already configured in Savant, skip this step and move on to the next. For new systems, authentication is necessary to establish a connection with Savant - simply follow the prompts or check out detailed instructions for our Systems and Connectors here.

c. Configure Dataset

Each system has unique configuration requirements. Some may involve selecting tabs and tables from dropdowns, while others allow custom SQL queries. Savant simplifies this process with available drop-down menus. Configure parameters such as skip rows and headerless configurations.

d. Name and Description

Specify a name for your dataset and optionally provide a description.

Click Confirm to save your dataset in Savant.

Configure Dataset

After configuring the dataset, Savant will read a sample of 500 rows of data from your system. Adjust the table query or selected options in the top left-hand corner of the window. Adjust column settings in the bottom left-hand corner, including including/excluding future columns and selecting/deselecting columns. Configure data types, as these settings are locked in the dataset going forward.

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