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Generic API Connector Setup
Generic API Connector Setup
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Welcome to the Generic API Connector Setup guide!

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Authenticating a Generic API in Savant

  • Connecting Data from a Generic API

  • Publishing Data to a Generic API

Authenticating a Generic API in Savant

Open Savant. Click on "Data" in the top menu, and toggle to the "Systems" option in the upper left of the page. Click the "New System" button.

This will take you to a page with a list of all available connected systems in Savant. Scroll or search among the selections for Generic API and select the icon, then click "Next".

Customers will be authenticated by inputting a URL and completing required fields, along with any desired adjustments.

The example below incorporates a URL that links to US Population data in JSON format, under the Path "data", with Key = "State" and Value = "Population".

Note that you can adjust to use Rate Limiting and Pagination if needed to adjust the rate at which the data are ingested.

Rate Limiting

For Rate Limiting, enter a number to set the quota and then select the option Second, Minute, or Hour from the Period drop-down menu.


For Pagination, there are three options: Offset & Limit, Next Page URL, and RFC 5988.

Offset & Limit:

Next Page URL:

RFC 5988:

With all required fields completed, click "Authenticate".

Configure Dataset

Next, you will have an option to configure the dataset so it only includes the fields necessary for your analysis, and to preview the data. Select an item from the Object drop-down menu, select the desired columns, and click "Next."

This will load a page where you can choose to rename your system and include an optional Description. Once finished, click "Confirm".

Your new Generic API system is now authenticated in Savant!

Connecting Data from a Generic API

If you are working within an analysis, on the top left side of your canvas, click the Add Dataset button shown below, and select your Generic API connection.

If you are not currently within an analysis, you can add your connection by navigating to Data and selecting New Dataset. Select your authenticated Generic API system from the list of available options and click Next.

In the Configure Dataset section, you will see drop-down menus for Object.

Select the Object and columns that you want to use for your dataset and click Next.

Lastly, give a name and description to your new dataset and click Confirm.

Your Generic API system is now added as a dataset within your analysis!

Publishing Data to a Generic API

A Generic API is not writeable as a destination in Savant.

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