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Market Penetration by US Geo
Market Penetration by US Geo

🏷️Tags: Sales, Marketing 🔬Analysis Level: Advanced

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🌟 Introduction

This template provides a simple way to compare customers in a specific geographic area to the number of households. It focuses on market penetration by analyzing the customer base in relation to household counts and can be helpful in learning more about customers and planning sales and marketing activities.

💼 Business Impact

  1. This template provides marketing teams with valuable insights on product penetration.

  2. The template also benefits Strategy and Logistics teams by offering a method to plan factory or store expansion.

📥 Data In

  • Source: US Census API, Database

  • Example: US Census Table API Link; example: B11001 Households and Customer Logs

👉 Note: This analysis requires the output from the Download US Census Data into a Database template.

📤 Data Out

  • Questions:

    • What is the market penetration by comparing customers to household counts?

📊 Metrics

The metrics generated by this analysis include:

  • Number of Households by ZIP Code, County, State

  • Number of Customers by Geo

  • Percentage of Customers out of Households by Geo

📝 Template Setup

Next, you'll need to make several key selections:

Step 1: Data Input

  1. 📥 Replace with Census Source. Note that you can use the output from the "Download US Census Data into a Database" template.

  2. 📥 Replace with Event Source, by ZIP Code.

Step 2: Configuration

⚙️ 1: Select geo level group by = Can change the geo to County, State, or only State. Currently set to give data at the ZIP Code level.

Step 3: Destination

Our suggestion: Configure your output to a Google Sheets file or a database.

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