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Web Activity Analytics

🏷️Tags: Sales, Marketing 🔬Analysis Level: Beginner

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🌟 Introduction

Designed specifically for Savant users, this template provides a powerful tool to analyze user behavior on websites and extract valuable insights.

💼 Business Impact

  1. This template provides marketing and sales teams with a simple and efficient method to create a personalized mapping of product categories to web pages.

  2. The template generates a time series that simplifies reporting on changes in interest over time.

📥 Data In

To generate the website activity report using Savant's template, Savant users will need the following data:

  • Source: Database

  • Sample: Website Activity Records

📤 Data Out

Savant's website activity report template delivers the following insights:

  • Key Questions:

    • What pages are most popular?

    • What pages are being visited most recently?

    • What are the trends of visits to the various pages?

📊 Metrics

Savant's website activity report template provides the following metrics for analysis:

  • Total # of Visits (per email address)

  • Number of Visits per Page with Latest Visit

  • Visits per 30-day window

📝 Template Setup

To set up the Savant website activity report template, follow these steps:

Step 1: Data Input

  1. 📥 Replace the current data source with your own Website Activity Source.

Step 2: Configuration

⚙️1: Apply Filters by Country and Remove Blanks. The current filter is set to include only records with email addresses from the United States.

Step 3: Destination

We recommend configuring the output to a Google Sheets file or a database. Alternatively, you can set up an email node to receive a report containing the data.

🌠 Further Customizations

To further customize the Savant website activity report template, consider the following:

  • Explore additional filters and data transformations to refine the report.

  • Incorporate other relevant metrics based on your specific requirements.

  • Customize the report format and visualization to suit your preferences.

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