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February 2023 Updates
February 2023 Updates

Sample tool, Transform from canvas, Custom time series windows, Google Ads and Power BI

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Introducing the Sample Tool

Need to sample the Top 1000 rows? Top 10,000 rows? How about a 10% sample? Or maybe 1 out of every 75 rows? Yeah, that's easy.

Try out our new Sample tool for 2-click sampling nirvana, and enjoy options like:

  • Top N rows

  • N Percent of Rows

  • 1 Row per N Rows

Transform from the Canvas

You can now create and edit new calculated fields in Transform - directly from the Canvas.

While we all love the full tab mode with Transform, sometimes you want to quickly add or update calculated Transform fields. That's why we've added New and Edit field buttons. Enjoy!

Custom Time Windows for Time Series Analytics

Time Series data is some of the most rich data we analysis. But analyzing it often isn't easy - unless you're a user of our Time Series tool. Streaming data roll-ups and analytics has never been easier.

But sometimes your Time Series data needs some extra massaging before you start rolling it up. Perhaps you want to limit your time window, or want to add dummy rows at the front or back of your time-series. Ugh, so many data prep steps.

That's why we've added new Custom Time Windows! When rolling up your time-series data (transactions, events, etc), you can now set the date start and end rate of roll-up duration. This can be used to filter down your time periods, or add new ones on the front or back.

Google Ads Connector

Google ads logo - Social media & Logos Icons

Got Google Ads? Then it's time to go deeper on campaign performance.

Now you can automate your ad campaign pacing, spending, and performance reporting using this connector.

Pull the last 90 days of Impressions, Clicks, Spend across various dimensions likes Ads, Ad Groups, Campaigns and more!

Power BI Connector

Is Power BI Actually Useful? - PEI

Want to push and refresh data in Power BI? How about read from Power BI? Then you'll love our new Power BI connector.

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