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dbt System Setup
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the dbt system setup guide!

In this article we'll cover the following:

  1. Authenticating dbt in Savant

  2. Setting up Post-Action Triggers

Authenticating dbt in Savant

To integrate dbt with Savant, you need to provide Savant an API Key and Account ID.

  1. To retrieve your API Key: In dbt, navigate to Settings > Profile Setting > Your Profile > Access API > API key.

  2. To retrieve your Account ID: In dbt, navigate to Settings > Account Settings and get the suffix of the URL from Account Settings. It is in the following format:{account_id}.

Once you've acquired your API Key and Account ID from dbt, you're ready to authenticate in Savant.

  1. In Savant, navigate to Data-> Systems-> New System and select dbt

  2. Enter your API Key and Account ID into the appropriate fields and hit "Authenticate"

3. After authenticating, you'll be prompted to give the system a name. Do so and hit save. You've now successfully authenticated dbt in Savant.

Setting up post-action triggers

Post-action triggers allow you to automatically execute a dbt model after the completion of a Savant job. This is a valuable feature when you are using Savant to replicate data from a system into Snowflake, and want to run dbt models after the data is refreshed.

dbt post action triggers are configured in the Snowflake destination node.

  1. When configuring your Snowflake destination, click "+" under Post Action

  2. Select "Trigger dbt Jobs"

  3. Select the dbt System (authentication) you created in the authentication step above.

  4. Select the dbt model you wish to execute on completion of the Savant bot.

  5. Click "Appy" to save your configuration.

Watch the following video to see the configuration in action.

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