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Microsoft OneDrive
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OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service provided by Microsoft.


Later when creating a dataset or configuring Microsoft OneDrive as a destination, you’ll need the following:

  • A OneDrive folder containing files with supported file types and encodings

  • The URL of your OneDrive folder or file that you want to sync

Set Up Microsoft OneDrive in Savant

In Savant

Click Authenticate. You will be redirected to OneDrive to grant Savant access. Log in to your OneDrive account.

Read Data from Microsoft OneDrive

  1. From the "Data” tab click on “New Dataset”.

  2. Find the OneDrive system that you have configured and click "Next."

  3. Configuring the Data Set:

    • Select the file type (text file, Excel, or blob).

    • For text files, choose the delimiter or qualifier if applicable.

    • Specify the file or folder URL. Ensure that the system used to authenticate the OneDrive system has read and write permissions to this location.

  4. Additional Configurations:

    • For file URLs, configure options like skip rows, headerless data, metadata inclusion, etc.

    • For folder URLs, configure file pattern, compression method, common headers, etc.

  5. Once you have configured all the necessary options, click on "Apply."

    • Make sure to select and configure all the fields that you want to include in the dataset.

    • Click "Next" at the top right when you're ready to finalize the dataset and name your dataset appropriately.

Write Data to Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Open the destination pane and click on "Add Destination."

  2. Find the OneDrive system you want to write to.

  3. Configuring the Destination:

    • Select the file type for your output data.

    • Choose the folder link in which you want to create the file.

    • Specify a filename. You can either manually enter the filename or name the file dynamically based on a field.

  4. Handling Existing Files:

    • Configure what happens if the file already exists. You can select either "replace" or "insert."

  5. Sorting Options:

    • If needed, select a sort option to sort your data upon output.

  6. Completing the Process:

    • Once you have configured all the necessary options, save the configuration by clicking “Apply”.

Understanding Microsoft OneDrive Limitations

There are no known limitations to Savant’s Microsoft OneDrive connector.

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