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January 2024 Updates
January 2024 Updates

Prebuilt Solutions, Sticky Notes, Triggers and more!

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Prebuilt Solutions

Get started faster and turbo-charge your analytics with prebuilt solutions for finance, marketing, sales, product, HR, analytics and more!

Simply go to the Analyses page, go to the Templates subsection and find your solutions!

Sticky Notes in Your Analyses

Add a splash of color, organization and documentation, with sticky notes in your analyses!

Add, resize, color and re-arrange sticky notes on your canvas to add pretty documentation to your analysis workflow.

Trigger Bot via Email and Webhooks

Now you can integrate Savant bots into your other processes!

In any of your processes, you can kick off bot runs via email and webhook triggers. Simply send an email to a special Savant email or call a Savant webhook URL, and trigger a bot run.

Auto-Stitch Files with Inconsistent Formats

Need to combine messy files with column headers that don't perfectly match? With our Common Fields feature, you can create multi-file and multi-tab datasets that match and load in a set of shared fields across multiple files and file tabs.

Newly available for Google Drive and OneDrive source systems. See the Common Fields option when configuring new datasets to use.

Rename Google Sheets Tabs without Breaking Your Bots

You can now safely change the name of Google Sheets tabs without breaking Savant automation. Our Savant bots are clever and figured out how to use the back-end tab ids of Google Sheets, so that your automation keeps humming, even when you change the details about your Google Sheets!

πŸ” For existing connections, re-authenticate your Google Sheets before you try renaming tabs.

7 Day Sync Option for Pendo Data

You can now pull Pendo data for just last 7 days. With this great enhancement, you can continue to pull last 90 days for fuller syncs, or just the last 7 days for faster syncs.

When creating a new Pendo dataset, you'll see 7 day and 90 day options for each available object.

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