Learn about the Analyses page from the Savant home screen.

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1. Accessing Savant and the Analysis Page

When you log into Savant, you'll be directed to your organization's analysis page.

2. Switching Between Analyses and Templates

At the top of the analysis page, you will find two tabs: "Analyses" and "Templates."

Click Analyses to display all the analyses included in your current workspace.

Click Templates to view Savant’s wide array of templates to help spark analytic inspiration, and to find out of the box solutions for common data manipulation needs.

3. Switching Between List View and Grid View

On the right side of the analysis page, you'll find buttons to switch between the default list view and a grid view. The list view provides a detailed representation of your analyses, while the grid view offers a more visual and concise overview.

List View

Grid View

4. Creating a New Analysis

To create a new analysis, click on the New Analysis button. This will open a new canvas where you can start building your analysis.

5. Analysis Table Overview

In the analysis view, you'll see a table containing vital information about each analysis in your current workspace. The table includes the following columns:

  • Analysis Name: The name of the analysis.

  • Sources: The data sources used in the analysis.

  • Destinations: The output or destination of the analysis.

  • Owner: The person or entity who owns the analysis.

  • Last Modified: The date and time when the analysis was last modified.

  • Last Run Date: The date of the last execution of the analysis.

6. Managing Analyses

At the right-hand side of the analysis table, you'll find an upside down caret icon, which provides options for managing your analyses. These options include:

  • Edit: Rename the analysis.

  • Copy: Create a duplicate of the selected analysis.

  • Move To Folder: Transfer an analysis to a different folder within the same workspace.

  • Delete: Permanently remove an analysis from your workspace.

7. Bots and Schedules

At the left-hand side of the analysis table, you’ll find a bot icon when a schedule has been configured for an individual analysis.

A Savant-purple bot icon signifies that the Bot’s schedule is enabled.

A black bot icon signifies that the Bot’s schedule has been disabled by the user.

8. Searching and Filtering Analyses

To quickly find specific analyses, you can use the search bar located in the analysis view. Simply enter keywords related to the analysis you're looking for. Additionally, you can use the filter button to apply specific criteria for refining your analysis list.

Search Analyses

Filter Analyses

9. Navigating and Creating Folders

Savant allows you to keep your analyses well-organized using folders. To navigate through existing folders, use the folder button.

Create new folders to group related analyses and maintain a structured workspace.

💡 Hint: For ease of navigation and better organization, you can sort the Analysis page by hovering your cursor over any of the table header names, and a sort arrow will appear. Click on the desired header to sort the runs based on that column.

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