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Enhancing your Analysis Experience within Tool Tabs πŸ’‘
Enhancing your Analysis Experience within Tool Tabs πŸ’‘

Learn how to streamline your analysis development with Savant's tool tab configuration and easily add tools to your Analysis.

Updated over a week ago

Are you looking to streamline your Analysis development? The Savant team offers a quick and efficient solution to continue your workflow directly in a tool tab configuration. Here's how to access tool options from within a tool window:

  1. Double-click a tool on the Canvas to open a tool tab configuration.

  2. Use the tool bar in the top right to select a subsequent tool to add to your Analysis.

  3. Apply your selection and begin configuring your chosen tool.

With this new method, you can easily navigate between tools and continue your analysis with ease.

Let Savant help you streamline your analytical development today and achieve your goals with ease.

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