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Hubspot Connection Setup
Hubspot Connection Setup
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Hubspot Setup

Savant uses OAuth for a simple flow that will just prompt you to login and choose the account to give Savant access to. This will include all the necessary scopes required for all types of Hubspot syncs. If successful, you will be redirected back to Savant to finish setting up.

You can use an existing user or create a new standard user to integrate with Savant. Once you’ve decided on the account to use, check if the following permissions are granted for the user:

  1. Object Access. Savant recommends read and write access to company, contact, deal and relevant custom objects.

  1. CRM Tools. Savant will need user to have permission to import and export records.

  1. Marketplace. App Marketplace Access is needed to allow connections.

Please note that for certain Hubspot setups,super admin role could be required for integration with Savant. Go here for more information.

Getting Started in Savant

Once you’ve completed the steps above, follow these steps in Savant:

  1. Go to the Systems page and click Add System

  2. Select the Hubspot connector and click Next

    1. You will be redirect to Hubspot’s signon page

  3. Log into Hubspot with the user setup above and agree to the connection

You can now create Hubspot datasets in Savant!

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