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Flight Data Analysis

In this exercise, you'll learn how to use Savant to analyze flight data from the New York area.

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Step 1: Data Download

Download the flight data from this Google Drive folder. The folder contains four files: Flights, Airlines, Planes, and Weather.

Flights - Each row represents a commercial flight departing from an airport in the New York area.

Airlines - Data on Commercial carriers.

Planes - Data on planes.

Weather - Weather information by hour.

Step 2: Connecting to Data

  1. Open Savant and create a new project.

  2. Use the Google Drive connector to connect all four downloaded files (Flights, Airlines, Planes, and Weather) to your project.

The Challenge: Answer the Following Questions:

Question 1: Counting Flights by Route and Month

  1. Use the data to count the number of flights by route (departure airport -> arrival airport) and by month.

  2. Identify the most popular route for each month based on the highest flight count.

Question 2: Ranking Airlines by On-time Performance

  1. Calculate on-time performance by measuring the total time between scheduled and actual departure time.

  2. Rank airlines (by name) based on their on-time performance for each month.

Question 3: Average Distance Flown by Plane Model

  1. Create a table that lists the average distance flown by plane model.

Question 4: Top 10 Planes by Miles Flown

  1. Determine the total miles flown by each plane (identified by tail number).

  2. Rank the planes by miles flown and display the top 10.

Question 5: Average Weather Conditions by Delay Duration

  1. Calculate the average wind speed and visibility for flights in different delay duration categories (0-10 mins, 10-30 mins, 30-60 mins, 60+ mins).

Analyst’s Choice: What else would you want to know with this data? Ask and answer your own question.

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