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How to Adjust the View during Dataset Config
How to Adjust the View during Dataset Config

Use the expandable panels when configuring datasets.

Updated over a week ago

Savant provides users with a user-friendly interface for configuring datasets, whether they are uploading files or setting up connections with third-party data sources. During the dataset configuration process, it's important to select the appropriate columns and confirm data types. However, when dealing with a lot of configuration options and a lot of columns in your data, it can be challenging to work with just a limited view of the available columns in the dataset.

In the "Configure Dataset" step when uploading or configuring a new dataset, you'll see the configuration panel where you can make selections for columns and data types.

Within the configuration panel, you'll notice two arrow buttons, located in the middle of the configuration panel. These arrow buttons allow you to control the relative sizes of the configuration panel and the columns control.

Clicking the up-facing arrow button will expand the columns configuration panel. This is particularly useful when you want to focus on the column selections and data types, or view more columns simultaneously without scrolling.

Clicking the down-facing arrow button will expand the general dataset configuration controls. This is helpful if you want to focus on a custom SQL query or flat file configurations such as tab patterns and skipping rows.

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