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June 2023 Updates
June 2023 Updates

SFDC Reports, No Email Option, Destination Auto-map, Sharepoint & Teams Connectors

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Savants are always improving and their tools should too. That's why we're constantly releasing new features and enhancements every week. Here are the highlights from this month:

Combine Your Salesforce Data with Other Systems Using Savant Datasets

Savant now allows you to configure a dataset using your existing Salesforce reports, making it easier to work with your Salesforce data.

This feature is especially helpful for customers who rely on a number of Salesforce reports, but need to do further analysis on them, combine them with data from other systems, or make them available to users without a Salesforce license.

Stop Sending Slack & Email Alerts when the Output is Empty

We know how important it is to have relevant alerts, which is why Savant now lets you configure alerts to not send an email or Slack message when the output is empty.

This feature ensures that you only receive alerts when necessary, saving you time and minimizing distractions.

Auto-Mapping for Table Updates

Updating existing database and business app tables just got easier with Savant's new auto-mapping feature. Now, you can map fields from your Savant output to the destination automatically, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

With this new feature, you can confidently update your tables without worrying about manually mapping fields.

Collaborate in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

Savant now supports SharePoint and Teams, allowing users to read and write files from SharePoint folders and push data directly to chats in Teams.

With Savant's new connectors, collaboration in the Microsoft suite is made easier than ever before. You can now share data directly with your team, collaborate in real-time, and make data-driven decisions together.

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