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Custom SSO Setup

How to configure custom SAML SSO, like Okta, with Savant

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Savant supports custom SSO for companies using identity services like Okta.

There are two types of SSO flow: IdP-initiated and SP-initiated.

  • In an IdP-initiated flow, the user logs in to the SSO platform first, then clicks the card for the Savant app, then lands on the landing page.

  • In an SP-initiated flow, the user goes to the Savant app login page first. Then the Savant app routes the user to the SSO platform. The routing is usually done by letting the user provide an email whose domain is bound to an IdP in Savant’s DB.

Savant supports the IdP-initiated flow.

Note, once the Idp-initiated flow is set up, user access to the Savant app via direct URL ( will not be allowed for your organization.

Configure SSO platform

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to configure your SSO application.

Step #1: Collect the required information from Savant

Reach out to your customer support representative to obtain a unique integration id (e.g. integrationId=e771a42wtv). You will need this id to construct the URLs needed in step #2.

Step #2: Build metadata URLs required to configure the SSO application

Step #3: Create a SAML 2.0 application in your identity provider

The below screenshot shows the SMAL 2.0 application configuration using OKTA

Step #4: Send the SSO application Metadata URL to Savant

  • Obtain the Identity Provider Metadata URL for your SSO application from your identity provider

  • Send the URL to your Savant customer support representative.

  • Savant customer support will complete the SSO setup in Savant and notify you.

The below screenshot shows how to collect Identity Provider Metadata URL using OKTA

Once you recieve a confirmation from your Savant representative, the SSO setup is complete and ready to use.

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